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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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p.m. >> we are learning more about the shooting of santa cruz police officers. good evening. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> authorities said today the two officers were killed on the door steps of the suspects home. i want to show you pictures. that is brian loren will be -- loren baker on the left and elizabeth butler on the right. ktvu's robert handa told us what he learned about the officers. first to ktvu's alex savage with new details and telling words about the suspect from his own father. >> reporter: well, even the father calls his son a ticking time bomb and today the sheriff said the two police officers -- police officers who were killed were unknown how dangerous jeremy goulet could be when
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they went to his house here yesterday, part of an investigation into a sexual assault allegation brought by one of his co-workers. the two police officers never even made it inside jeremy goulet's house. today the sheriff said the 35- year-old ex gone gunned them down and stole their weapons. >> it is our belief two of the three weapons he possessed belongs to the police department but we haven't confirmed that. >> reporter: after killing the officers jeremy goulet stole one of their police cars. but he returned to his neighborhood and that is where he was killed with a shoot out with police. the sheriff said investigators are learning more about just how troubled he was. distraught over losing his job just last week. >> the people who had contact
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with him, characterized his personality as being angry, being destructive. >> reporter: the two officers went to jeremy goulet's house to question him as part of a sexual assault investigation. he was accused of making sexual advances towards a co-worker. >> the information they possessed and the time they went out to contact the suspect gave them no suspicion that they would be in danger. >> reporter: investigators said he moved to santa cruz a couple months ago and had a criminal history, peopling, prowling and being drunk in public. friday he was arrested and that is why he was fired. we learned jeremy goulet has
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served prison time several years ago for a crime involving a gun. we will have more tonight at 6:00 p.m. live in santa cruz, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the killing of the two officers has devastated the santa cruz police department. it is a force of 94 officers and they call themselves a family and that is how they are reacting. ktvu's robert handa is how it extends to police coverage of the city. robert? >> reporter: this is a police department that never had to deal with a shooting death of any officers ever so right now the police department is closed. the sheriff's department paroling the streets with the california highway patrol. police officers and employees are off grieving and trying to recover. >> reporter: santa cruz police chief held up pictures of the two officers during a news conference today and offered condolences. >> as you could imagine it is
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devastating on everybody involved. i want to offer condolences to the families families and we mourn together. >> the chief called loren baker a mentor and baker to many in the department and a remarkable detective. >> he was my most skilled investigator with my police department. we are going to miss him. >> reporter: he called elizabeth butler a friend and praised her work as an investigator. >> he found her niche in the investigation of sexual assault cases and that is where her expertise relied. >> reporter: he took on his old role speaking for officers too distraught to comment. >> everybody here is a person, has families, everybody here is going through a very difficult loss. >> the mayor echoed that sentiment. >> they were friends, our
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neighbors. these people had families in our community, we saw in our schools. and in our streets. and we are all impacted by this. >> reporter: santa cruz police officers will return tomorrow. at 6:00 p.m., what they are asking from the community and comments from people outside the department. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and on our facebook page you could post a message to the families of the two officers killed in santa cruz. look for us at ktvu channel 2 news. breaking news, a new status update appeared on garrett hand's facebook page. they were considered missing in peru. the message just posted, i am alive. we go live to hear from his mother, she is speaking from her home in concord.
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>> for everything that they have done for us, for our family in bringing them home and we would like to thank the peruvian government for their tireless effort and their resources to locate my son garrett hand and jamie. and last i want to thank all of you. i personally want to thank the media. for caring about us. for spreading the word. i finally heard my son's voice today and you all helped make
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that happen. i am so happy that my son is well. so now our family has a lot to process. and i think it will take some time. i can't wait to see my son and his girlfriend jamie walking off a plane in sfo and grabbing him in my arms and holding him close to me.
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so thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. we are eternally grateful to all of you. thank you. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we will -- >> relief and gratitude from a mother in concord. explaining how she is now waiting to hold her son after speaking with him on the television two hours a-- telephone two hours ago. they were on a bicycling trip but they hadn't been heard from in weeks. she spoke to her son for the first time in weeks this afternoon. we do have ktvu's john sasaki at the news conference and we will bring john in to bring us more reaction from the relieved mother and we will learn more about the fact her son has been
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found safe in peru. more at 6:00 p.m. the bomb squad was called to check out a suspicious package in free mount. it was found about 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. the sheriff's office said the witnesses told them a man placed someone there. these pictures of news chopper 2 looked like they picked up the package and walked away. police are investigating a hit and run collision that killed a man. this happened after 1:00 p.m. on montgomery drive. witnesses heard the crash and rushed to see what happened. they reported a light colored mercedes sped away. police say if that is the car that hit the man it will have front end damage. authorities are investigating a police chase that ended with a crash in san jose about 2:00 a.m.
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this morning on south bound interstate 280. it began when sheriff's deputies discovered the call was stolen. the car sped away when officers tried to pull it over. two teens were inside the car when it crashed. no word on their condition. >> military officials identified the navy s.e.a.l. who disappeared last week in hawaii during a training swim. the navy said matthew john leathers was training when he got separated from his unit. the search was suspended on monday. leathers enlisted in 1998. he became a s.e.a.l. in 2004. they held hearings today on senator dianne feinstein's bill to ban 157 military semi- automatic assault weapon and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. a man whose son died in the school shooting testified
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today. >> it is hard for me to be here today to talk about my deceased son. i have be his voice. >> with other family members looking on he asked senators to support the ban. dianne feinstein said her bill would be similar to laws in place in california and that those laws proven effective. >> california law enforcement tells me our states' ban has been effective in reducing the availability of these deadly weapons. >> opponents say the ban is uncologist and the government -- unconstitutional and the government needs to do more. president obama plans to meet with leaders to discuss the spending cuts friday.
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the white house press secretary said it will be a chance to discuss how to keep the cuts from damaging the economy. it will be a chance about how to cut spending without raising taxes. stocks rose today on evidence housing is recovering. the dow is up 175 to 14,075. the nasdaq is up 32 at 3,162. the s&p is up 19 to 1,515. today pg&e announced it is partnering with san francisco on a $1.2 billion program to upgrade the gas and electric infrastructure. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in san francisco with details and also the controversy. tom? >> reporter: yeah. it will cost a lot of this. in fact this program is centered in san francisco, and next year every pg&e customer will pay more if the plan is amoved. >> reporter: the $1.2 billion
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plan was shaped by pg&e and the mayor's staff to maximize the needs for reliability, safety, growth and emergency response. adding new and relocating some existing power lines. upgrading major substations, replacing street lamps and many miles of natural gas pipelines. >> this will be a model of how government and the private sector can partner together to identify needs and have a plan. >> reporter: that anticipates a lot of career training. the unions and san francisco's job training programs. >> there will be jobs created during the 5 year period. there will be infrastructure investment that will go on for decades in san francisco and around california. >> the cost $5 more a month for the next 5 years but they
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say they don't trust pg&e. >> how do we make sure promises made are promises kept? this is pg&e after all that doesn't have a good record of doing what they say they are going to do. >> reporter: they looked at many years of previous rate rerequests to see if -- requests to see if any of the work had already been paid for. >> we will protest them getting another penny. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission will decide on this later this year. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. today california filed an anti-proposition 8 brief urging them to reject and give same- sex couples the right to get married. in the brief kamala harris declared the ban violates the equal protection and due
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process guarantees and argues backers lack the legal standing to sue. they are set to hear arguments on march 26. the obama administration could file a brief tomorrow. only on 2, our ktvu channel 2 news poll shows california voters are more supportive of same-sex marriage. 61% say they aprove of it. that -- approve of it. 32% disapprove. 7% had no opinion. and the increase in support for same-sex marriage is broad based. among african americans there was a significant increase in approval. 64% of them approve of same-sex marriage. compare that to 41% back in 2010. we learned today 49ers quarterback alex smith has been traded, he is going to kansas city. in return the 49ers get a
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second round draft pick and next year. smith came to ahad 49ers -- came to the 49ers in 2005 as the number one over all pick in the nfl draft and led the team to the championship game last year but half way in to this season jim harbaugh replaced smith with colin kaepernick. a massive mess after a water main break in san francisco. a 30-foot sink hole at 15th avenue. residents are trying to salvage what they can after a very rude awakening about 3:00 a.m. this morning. news chopper 2 was over that site. you see lot of the sidewalk is roped off because it is not safe and crews are at work right now. ktvu's david stevenson is live there with why the crews are making the hole bigger before they can close it up. >> reporter: that's right. look behind me, the crews are
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filling in the hole because they appear to have completed work on repairing the pipe that ruptured. they are trying to get life back to normal for the flood victims here. >> reporter: jackhammers began in san francisco. hours after a water pipe ruptured before 3:00 a.m. this morning. water flooded this neighborhood. leaving behind mud, misery and a 30-foot sink hole. in minutes prized possessions were ruined. >> my son just started crying. yeah. >> reporter: six cars and 22 homes were damaged. public utilities commission inspectors say it is unclear what caused the pipe to rupture or whether it is tied to work in december. >> we send it off to analysis to see what went wrong. we will have an answer in a few
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days. >> reporter: as crews cleaned, neighbors tried to salvage what they could. >> we found water damage in the house and structural damage. many cracks in the house that weren't there before. doors that can't open. >> the flood caused a smaller sink hole in the backyard of this house. tonight 7 homes are yellow tagged allowing residents entry but requiring more inspection. >> reporter: do you feel safe? >> i think so. if the building inspector said it is fine, i think it is fine. >> reporter: another live look at the scene from above, from news chopper 2. you see them pushing dirt into the sink hole. they met a 6:00 p.m. deadline to get the pipe repaired. the road remains closed till the road is repaired tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news.
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also in san francisco two key government jobs were officially filled today with the swearing in. the mayor announced his selection yesterday. the aid replaces her former boss. she is now the new assessor recorder. she is the one wearing the blue dress there in this video. both will have to face elections this november to try to keep their new jobs. pope benedict xvi delivered his farewell address to a crowd of 15,000 people in vatican city today. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the 85-year-old pontiff asked catholics to pray for him and the new pope.
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he will meet with cardinals one last time tomorrow before he flied off. while the cardinals meet to choose a successor, thousands of people are placing bets on who it will be. it is illegal in the united states to do that. one received $200,000 in books in 48 hour. it includes, name, age and nationality of the new pope, when the conclave will start and finish. the supreme court appeared divided over the voting rights act. based on arguments, they expect the court to over turn part of the law in june. congresswoman nancy pelosi rallied outside the court today with members of the black, hispanic and asian pacific
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american caucuses. >> for our democracy defend the voting rights act, block efforts to suppress the vote. >> the 1965 law was designed to protect black voters known for discrimination. it requires federal approval before changes. a alabama county is saying it ask no long -- it is no longer necessary. another day with no rain but it is just -- what can you say? >> when i was looking at the trees, lots of buds coming out. we are seeing lots of blossoms on plants, flowers popping out. saw a snake today, unusual to see a snake this time of year, right, because they wait till it gets warm. everything seems accelerated but it is not t is still february, match can be wet and cold. we had temperatures above the
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average. look at where we are for today. temperatures upper 60s, low 70s. tomorrow warmer. friday, that is the warmest day. temperatures into the mid-70s. this is impressive looking. you see the green, there is rain. jet stream to the north of us. in this area here. look at this area. that is not far off, right? getting a few light sprinkles. south, where we are, temperatures in the 70s. winter is all around us, north, and east but not here. we will continue warm as i mentioned the next couple days. highs tomorrow warmer than today. look that current temperatures, right, 66 right now in fairfield. 66 antioch. sun is not -- 5:20 p.m., right, 5:18 p.m., temperatures are mild. late february, temperatures that look like april or may. forecast over night lows, cool.
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frosty in some places. tomorrow is a repeat of today. except warmer over night because there are clouds coming in. clouds get us warmer. subtle changes. tomorrow morning, warmer. tomorrow afternoon, warmer. colors to represent temperatures. yellows are 70s. highs in fairfield, concord, san jose. plenty of low 70s tomorrow. where is the rain? when i come back, we will look for rain. got the five-day forecast as well and in the five-day forecast we have unsettled weather we could talk about and the warmest day. see you back here. >> thank you. she has been bringing us your stories for 35 years, now on this rita williams' last day on ktvu, we will lax back at
5:24 pm
her amazing -- look back at her amazing career and tell you a story you haven't heard yet. 97
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5:26 pm
. >> after 35 years here at ktvu this is rita williams' last day at work. she broke barriers. called a pitbull with a heart and taught us how to tell a story. it is only fitting now we get to tell rita's story. >> reporter: growing up in texas rita says her mother instilled in her a love of words. that love grew into a way of
5:27 pm
writing. >> a physical healing comes from his contact with the pope, so be it but he came for a spiritual healing. >> reporter: rita calls herself the first broadcast broad. and now 35 years after she started at ktvu she still remembers what it was like to be a female reporter at a time most of her peers were in suits and ties. >> a lot of women back then used womenly wiles to get ahead or they became the best and worked harder. i was not going to be the former, i was going to be the later. >> reporter: she was careful never to let her emotions show. didn't want to see seen as weak. started ktvu reporting on everything from crime -- >> san francisco police declared their part of the
5:28 pm
operation reporter: to candlest park. >> it takes a lot of fantasizing to imagine now but by opening day you will be able to put on your uniform and pretend you are a major league player. >> mike: and when it came to the big stories, rita was right there. >> as tony and i ran on to the bridge from san francisco, we met people running off, some asking what happened, others warning us the whole bridge was collapsing. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> it was a very lonely time, i guess i would say, about early days. if i hadn't had my dear husband who heard more than his share of this i don't think i could have survived. >> reporter: more than survive, rita won the highest honors for her work and became a mentor to so many rereporters -- reporters. it is a different story these days than when she started and
5:29 pm
she wouldn't have it any other way. >> you give back for everything that you get and i have gotten so much that i could never give back all of that. >> we have rita to share one more look. i came prepared. we will have to share it. >> i never cried on camera because i thought it was a sign of weakness. so i know you -- [ laughter ] >> this is a set up. hard not to cry. >> what do you think when you look back, see that piece like that? >> oh, gosh. just the people, you know? i think of actually 41 years i have been a reporter and hard news, the whole way, i wouldn't do women's stories and -- there were a lot of barriers and a lot of people that weren't always nice but there were so many more nice. i have seen people at the best of times, the worst of times and they are in my heart.
5:30 pm
>> as a young female reporter when i came in you put your arms around me, for me to go from fan to friend, never would have dreamt it. >> i am going to be in the bay area. i won't be dead. i can't thank everyone. i have just been swamped with good wishes. sweet, flowers. looks like a funeral on my desk and i just am very, very touched and thank you all. >> i am going to miss you so much. watching your stories and the way you write and the way you tell stories, just no comparison. you sure i can't convince you to stay? [ laughter ] >> how much money you got? [ laughter ] >> maybe, maybe. but no, no. i have always appreciated all your nice notes and i tried to tell my stories. people say your stories are different from others and i feel my stories so much and i
5:31 pm
try to tell them so that people will see and feel what i am feeling as their eyes and ears as a a journalists. >> thank you to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> for all of us out there who can't get enough rita there is more on our facebook page. we posted our second look program, featuring rita's reporting. find it on facebook, just go under a second look. a ktvu investigation, video that shows the activity going on inside some karaoke bars that have private rooms. how it is impacting a police investigation in the bay area. >> how medical technology and the courage of a 10-year-old made her dreams come true.
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at -- complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> continuing coverage now from a ktvu investigation. what you are looking at here is video we obtained on what goes on at some karaoke bars. strong reaction to a ktvu investigation that first uncoved sex for sale inside -- uncovered sex for sale inside karaoke bars. we spent months investigating what goes on inside some of the rooms. ktvu's eric rasmussen just heard from a former police chief. what was his reaction? >> reporter: former san francisco police chief told me the activities special troubling because it is going on in a public place. we showed him the video and we should warn you some might find the video disturbing.
5:35 pm
>> 350. >> reporter: we are only able to show a small portion on tv. our inside source said this is one of many young women paid to have sex. we first observed several women being dropped off at the bar night after night. ktvu obtained 19 videos from prive room karaoke bars around the bay area and los angeles after working with a source for months. we showed the video to former san francisco police chief. >> my first take is the issue of prostitution. you know, throughout my career i was fighting an element in our community that says leave them alone, there is no problem but there is a problem. >> reporter: a report from october documenting two oakland police officers making repeated visits during their shifts. >> whenever you have businesses
5:36 pm
who may be involved in criminal pursuits it is not uncommon for them to try compromise police. >> reporter: they declined to talk today but they say they conducted an investigation and it is on going in light of the video we uncovered. >> reporter: and on the phone today oakland police sergeant said they opened an investigation into november. they expect the investigation to conclude in the near future. they are interested in receiving information and that opd is seeking a partnership to identify and prosecute these types of offenses. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. right now we have breaking news. we want it take you live to news chopper 2 to show you a fire that is going on right now
5:37 pm
in oakland. this is at daysly, next to inter-- daysly, next to 580 and 513. a two story house. we don't have any other information as to how it started or whether there have been injuries. we will keep news chopper 2 over head to bring you anymore information we get. this may impact traffic on 580. again, this house close to interstate 580 there in oakland. more details as they become available. san francisco fire investigators concluded a fire three weeks ago in a bar was accidental. fire caused $225,000 of damage to the bar on 24th street. investigators say although they have determined the february 4 fire was accidental they don't
5:38 pm
know what started it. the owners plan to rebuild but it could take a while. dozens of homeowners protested outside a wells fargo bank, they are ankry about the foreclosure procedures and they want a program as part of their loan modifications. they said the bank is making it difficult for homeowners going through the process. >> this modification process, the fact that they charge so much money for applications. >> in response wells fargo said it has a strong record of working with customers dealing with challenges and the bank's rate is nearly half the industry rate. new at 5:00 p.m. a girl today is walking and playing after a dramatic operation that had her leg immobilized for 7 months. ktvu's health and science
5:39 pm
editor john fowler is live to explain the promise her story holds for other children. >> reporter: i want you to meet a 4th grader whose courage should be an inspiration for all of us. >> reporter: her doctor calls her awesome and resilient. she now has what most take for granted. >> kind of neat to be able to have legs. >> reporter: till now her left leg was shorter than her right. >> if we make her legs even when she is two she will get another deformity. >> reporter: so they waited. it is a rare issue, fortunately no other problems development. he broke her left leg. a few weeks ago she wore this device for 7 painful months lengthened her leg three
5:40 pm
inches. >> i don't think we would be able to get through it without her positive spirit. >> this is a big deal. she had something we could reconstruct. >> reporter: she needs no further surgery. her leg will continue to grow, but slower than her right. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. honoring an acon. the tribute to -- icon. the tribute to rosa parks. >> and they will live on, the famous hostess brands that may be saved thanks to a new deal. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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we continue our coverage of -- we will get to more on the fire in oakland in a minute. first president obama and lawmakers paid tribute to rosa parks today. [ cheers and applause ] >> the president was joined by speaker of the house john boehner and congresswoman nancy pelosi in the unveily of a statue of rosa parks. parks' refusal to give up her seat on a segregated alabama bus for a white passenger in 1955 sparked a boycott that galvanized the movement for equal rights for blacks in montgomery and nationwide. president obama offered praise
5:44 pm
saying in one moment parks helped change the world. >> this morning we celebrate a sem centers mighty in courage. a source says flowers fooz is almost ready to buy hostess. the biggest slice of the deal will be wonder bread. the source said butternut, home pride and natures pride will also go to them. a judge would have to approve the deal. new questions about a conference in san francisco that hundreds of postal workers are supposed to attend. >> 70 degrees in february. heading towards march. what will it be like the next
5:45 pm
couple days, which city will be the warmest into the next 48 hours. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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we continue our coverage of breaking news in east oakland. news chopper 2 is live over a home in east oakland. and take a look at the picture. it is different than the one we showed you 10 minutes ago. 3, 4, 5 crews on the roof. lot of smoke.
5:48 pm
10 minutes ago flames were pouring out of the home. news chopper 2 gives oswider picture. a lot -- gives us a wider view. news chopper 2 broadens out, shows us this is a residential area. that is 580 westbound. this fire happened near the freeway. it appears crews have a good handle on what was happening. got the fire out in minutes. traffic is flowing well east and westbound. the fire appears to be out. the house over site committee questioned the money agencies are spending as the government is looking to tighten its belt and some of that was based on a report by ktvu's scott mcfarlane, the u.s. postal service will spend $2 million for a conference next month in san francisco. >> the u.s. postal service is
5:49 pm
sending 400 executives to san francisco. a golf outing, dance party and a taste of san francisco dinner ehaven't. it will cost 2.2 million -- event. it will cost $2.2 million. they sited that trip in our story, questions why they are spending so much on travel and conferences, even though the government ordered reductions in travel. >> i am concerned the culture isn't catching on. there are recent reports the u.s. postal service spent a ton of money, $15 billion loss, cutting saturday delivery but they got a conference that they set up in san francisco, $2.2 million. >> the u.s. postal service wasn't asked to appear but a obama administration spokesman said reductions have been wade. >> there has been attention to this matter and a lot of
5:50 pm
aggressive action to cut back on spending. >> reporter: numbers released to us show they spent $267 million on conferences in 2012. homeland security announced it is releasing immigrants because of the budget crisis, 7 million on conferences. pentagon, $89 million. >> reporter: the agency said it could earn more than it spends by meeting new clients. scott mcfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. protesters from a local group that works on drug and alcohol rehabilitation staged a rally in front of ktvu channel 2 news. they wanted to distance themselves we reported on monday in a report about donations made that may not be
5:51 pm
going to real charities. the organization affirmed what we reported, building for a solid foundation is a legal non- profit group. >> they take our idea and go out on the streets and do wrong. >> organizers say the individuals in our report were part of their group at one point but now are considered ren grades. she claims some of -- renegades. they may decide whether to accept bowings fix. all were grounded last month because of a battery fire on one plane and a smoking battery on another. the faa is in a tough spot to approve a fix without knowing the cause. the fix would prevent the spread of any fires should they occur. >> as warm as it is right now, according to our chief
5:52 pm
meteorologist bill martin we haven't seen anything yet. >> warmer. mid-70s into the next 48 hours. where is the rain? it has been a dry january. pardon me and now into dry february. almost done. not much longer left and heading towards march. these are the initial national weather service numbers. santa rosa 70. 72 napa. 70 livermore. today's numbers were down a degree from yesterday. this is a nice looking weather system. should be ours. should be ours. should be set up for the west coast but the jet stream is about 2-300 miles too far north and that is why we are north. the storm track, it is acting like spring, that is where the jet stream usually goes. north but not this early. usually it is down here.
5:53 pm
showers -- right there. may get a drizzle at the point. fort bragg, you will get a few sprinkles but we get nothing. we stay warm. cool in the morning. perhaps frost. a few clouds tomorrow morning. more clouds as the system i showed you slides over. it will keep over night lows warmer than last night. i can tell you it misses us. tomorrow and friday as the high builds in temperatures go up. air sinks and we warm up. thursday, friday look great. if you don't mind not getting rain. towards the weekend this rushes through. sunday cooling and perhaps this might open the door a nudge so we could see showers next week. the model whips through. clouds. saturday. that system could deliver sprinkles on wednesday.
5:54 pm
what is encouraging, there is green close taus. in the mean -- to us. in the mean time enjoy. we are looking at warm to mild day time highs. along the coast, low 60s. mid-60s. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. people say this, i sound like a broken record. i am saying the same thing. all of january, now all of february and we will start march with maybe something different. >> thank you. looking for a few good men. kind of. the search is on for two people to take a trip to mars but there are specific qualifications. find out if you measure up next.
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5:57 pm
gas leak that federal building in san francisco is under investigation today. it was reported this morning in the basement. according to pg&e they found a gas line ruptured and was leaking. pg&e stopped the leak and the building was deemed safe. now investigators are looking into the cause. the american business man who paid to visit the internationals space station in 2001 is planning to spend a
5:58 pm
married couple to mars. he said in washington, d.c. today it would be launched by his mars found in 2018. says the trip will take 501 days and he described it as a no frills journey with minimal food and recycled drinking water. >> haven't sent humans beyond the moon in 40 years. i have been waiting and waiting and i think it is time to put an tend to that lapse. >> he wants the trip to represent humanity with a man and a woman and because it is a long trip, he says it makes sense for them to be married and they have to be passed child bearing years because of the risk to fertility since they will be exposed to radiation. two santa cruz police officers shot and killed during
5:59 pm
an investigation. in 2 minutes the criminal past about the gunman and the fears even his father had. >> and passed from child to child, the reason one school district is letting students with lice stay in class.


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